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A320 plane shark fins small winglets successfully completed the first flight test
Date: 2011-12-01 [Back]

November 30, 2011 (France local time), production serial number for MSN001 air bus A320 test aircraft successfully complete the airbus A320 series of the new shark fins small wing of the first flight test. Airbus A320 plane to sharks fin a series of small wing flight test, the purpose is to collect data, to further optimize flight standards, at the same time for shark fins are small wing authentication and performance test and verify.

New type of shark fins small winglets high about 2.5 meters, is the airbus A320 series developed specifically for the new wingtip device, used to replace the existing wing smaller wing. Shark fin small wing is the new factory's A320 series of the fancy equipment. Installation shark fins small wing can reduce fuel consumption by 3.5%, or each plane reduce annual 700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions (the equivalent of 200 cars a year of carbon emissions). Shark fin small wing also can enhance the aircraft industry-and take off in flight performance.

Airbus customers affairs chief operating officer LeiYi said: "shark fins small wing can help operation airbus A320 series of airlines plane lower operating costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Shark fins small wings begin flight tests, this is our construction industry to take real green step."
Shark fin small wing is new engine A320neo series of being the standard. A320neo launch a years, has already obtained from 26 of the nearly 1500 customers a confirmation and intent of the order. Shark fin small wing and new engine will make A320neo fuel efficiency increased by 15%.

Airbus forecast, to 2030, the number of single channel aircraft will be doubled to 23000 airplanes, grew at an average annual rate reached 3.4%. According to the growth rates, by 2030, global needs

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